To cross or not to cross . . .

Is it just me, or do you feel that using a zebra crossing in Italy is tantamount to taking your life into your own hands?

Ok, let’s get a few things straight . . . .

When an Italian is walking down the street, they clearly believe they own it!  When they are at the deli counter, they seem to have the patience of a saint, take a ticket and wait, no problem!

Yet, god forbid you meet one behind the wheel of a car!  What exactly happens to all that patience?

Car lights!  Other than being useful at night, they are obviously only there to demand that others get out of their way ‘RIGHT NOW’!!!  I have to say, on the motorway, coming up behind a ‘swaying’ truck, a flash or 2 of the headlights does make overtaking somewhat less stressful!

When my mother asked an Italian how Italians let people out of junctions, the response was,

‘why would you want to do that?’

Doesn’t that just speak volumes!!!!

. . . And so we come to Zebra crossings!  Oh my word!  They are, as my friend beautifully put it, not worth the paint used to make them!

I’m English, I am therefore used to being a driver that will get in a whole heap of trouble for not stopping at a crossing and never, ever park on or even near one!

Then I moved here!

So, for north, read south, let’s just reverse everything!

Here are my Rules!!

  1. Do not stop at a zebra crossing unless your life depends on it!
  2. If there’s another option, don’t use a zebra crossing unless you have half an hour to spare while you wait for a foreigner, as they are probably the only ones who will stop for you!
  3. Don’t bother saying thank you for stopping, they will probably be long gone before you have the chance!
  4. Don’t expect to be thanked for stopping, remember what I said at the beginning, Italians own the road!

So, to cross or not to cross, that is my question to you!

Come on, if you’ve discovered the secret as to how to get across zebra crossing in one piece and without having to wait forever, leave a comment below!


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