Lip Balm made from Natural Products

I've always suffered from eczema so I've started making my own Lip Balm!

I spent ages looking at what other people used and the quantities they added.

Natural Shea Butter
I started off using Shea Butter but now I use Kokum butter.
It's more expensive but it's seriously moisturising!
Pure Oils
I also use 100% Natural Beeswax.

Natural Beeswax is great. I get it in the pellet/pearl format as it dissolves easier. I add it as it makes the mix, when set, harder and thicker. As a result, not only does it not melt in summer but also it stays on my lips longer.

Aloe Vera
Apparently when you use fresh aloe, it needs to be at least 4 years old.

I mean the plant growing, not the gel sitting in your kitchen for 4 years!! haha!

Anyway, one of my pups kindly knocked one of my aloe plants over so I'm going to use it regardless of how old it is!

Lip Balm - Zoe j Online
Finally I decided to have a go!
The first batch weren't too good but I then knew what I needed more of and what I needed less of or to leave out altogether!
Kokum Butter
Oils are a very important part too, only natural products of course!

I use Sweet Almond oil as a base oil. Lavender adds some great healing and protecting power. I also love some peppermint as it makes your lips feel cool and fresh! Smells good too but Sarah, if you're reading this, yes the cool peppermint on cold days does help bring out my blue lip liner!!!

Natural Beeswax
The thing I love to add the most is Aloe Vera!

This is possibly the best thing for healing unhappy lips. Also, you may not know this but, if you suffer from Cold Sores, Aloe Vera not only kills them, but if used regularly, can stop them from coming back. Result!!!

Aloe Vera Gel
Aloe Vera gel can be tricky to add to the melted mix of all the other products, when you're doing small quantities like me.
But I've found a great solution!

I put Coconut oil in a pot in or over a pan of boiling water, add the fresh gel and let it simmer/boil.

The result is a mix of Aloe vera and Coconut oil! Now it's super easy to add to the rest of the mix.

Lip Balm - Zoe j Online
I keep forgetting but I'm going to start adding Vitamin E too. I will use capsules as one should be enough for the quantity I make.

It's good for the skin but also has the added bonus of keeping them fresh longer. I always keep the ones I'm not using in the fridge until I need them but vitamin e would help.

I gave the girls in my favourite Garden Centre one each and they were delighted. They're out in all weathers so, like me, suffer with dry, chapped and generally sore lips. For me the bonus is the odd free plant or pack of seeds in return!!

I really love my lip balms and will never buy one from a shop ever again!!

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