Fortezza del Girifalco, Cortona, Tuscany

The restoration project of the Fortezza di Girifalco above Cortona, aims to redevelop and enhance a place of extraordinary charm and interest, creating opportunity for a cultural vocation development.

. . . Behind the church (St. Margaret) was a crumbling citadel... here were views and breeze and sun and shade and grassy corners to the heart’s content, together with one couldn’t say what huge seated mystic melancholy presence, the after-taste of everything the still open maw of time had consumed

Henry James, Italian Hours, 1909

The purpose of the project is that the fortress becomes the container of initiatives, production and delivery of innovative services, which develop different art forms, classical, contemporary or avant-garde.

Timetables and Tickets

Opening and closing hours may vary in case of events organised at the Fortress.

April 13 to June 15  -  10 - 19

June 16 to September 3  -  10 - 20

September 4 to October 1  -  10 - 19

October 2 to November 1  -  10 - 18

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Reduced ticket
During Cortona On the Move international photography festival 2018, july 12 to september 30:

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