Do mirrors lie or is it a girl thing??

Mirror, mirror on the wall . . .

As I’m sure you can tell from my name, I’m a girl!

Therefore, no doubt, like oh so many other ladies, I have regularly looked in the mirror, at least once during the day and said; ‘Oh you lie! I can’t possibly look that bad!’.

Oh how mirrors kill our wonderful imagination, totally flat!  In the shop we think, of course that outfit will look fantastic . . . hmm or maybe not so much, at least that is nearly always the case once the mirror has spoken!

Mirror mirror on the wall . . . yeah, really? Utter twaddle! They lie! I am absolutely certain of it!  I mean, they simply must do, how else could I possibly, ever, actually leave the house!

So, on this basis, why would anything be any different when confronted by a mirror whilst driving?

Even if you don’t drive, it is hard to miss the dinky little round mirrors on the side of the road, all over the place, at dodgy junctions.

Many are cock-eyed, smashed to smithereens, pointing to the sky or have simply been bashed into an jaunty angle that is of no use what-so-ever!

But . . . every now and then, you find some that are good, at the correct angle, not totally obliterated by sunshine and not angled so low that although during the day you can see up the other road perfectly, at night, you are ‘blinded by the light’ from your own car!

The problem is, as I have said, I’m a girl, I’m well aware that they all lie and rarely in a good way!

So, I get to a particularly tricky junction and amazingly, there, right in front of me is a beautifully positioned mirror! It’a a miracle, I can see the other road perfectly!

. . . but can I???

The mirror says there’s not a sole in sight.  Do I trust it?  Don’t be daft, of course I don’t!  I slowly, really, really slowly, crawl out of the junction only to discover, it was true, not a sole to be seen! So I drive off down the road thinking to myself, what a wally, trust the mirror next time!

I shall leave it to your imagination as regards what happened the next time I came across a mirror with a good view.

If you’re a man, you’re thinking, ‘and women wonder why we don’t understand them!’ and you have already decided that I will, forever more, trust mirrors . . . .

. . . but if you’re a woman, you know it will never be so!

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